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Liz Longley - New Album Now Avail.

Mar 17 2015
My self-titled and fan-funded album is now officially available today!!
Available Here:
Liz Longley Online Store
Sugar Hill Records

Track Listing
1. Outta My Head
2. Skin & Bones
3. Memphis
4. Bad Habit
5. You've Got That Way
6. Peace of Mind
7. Simple Love
8. This Is Not The End
9. Never Loved Another
10. Camaro
11. We Run

Live In The Living Room With Liz Longley

Jan 13 2015
Live In The Living Room w/ Liz Longley featuring Jeff LeBlanc will be on January 28th and as long as you have Internet access, you can stream the show right here on Concert Window beginning at 9PM Eastern // 8PM Central // 6PM Pacific.
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@JessyeWilkinson us too! Hope to see you next time!
22 hours ago
Up Next 5.6 @TheTripleDoor WA 5.7 @MississippiStud OR 5.8 @mainstrstudios WA 5.10 Ashland OR 5.12 @The_Freight CA 5.15 @McCabesGuitar CA
2 days ago
RT @ablainer9 : Just got tickets to see @lizlongley at @McCabesGuitar in Santa Monica CA on May 15th. Can't wait!
3 days ago
Been looking forward to tonight for awhile. The amazing @DeltaRae is gonna rock @CityWineryNSH so hard!! 🎉
3 days ago
Such a memorable night with @DeltaRae at @CityWineryNSH ! http://t.co/RiZ8UaqTsu
3 days ago
Upcoming Tour Dates
05.06.2015  |  Seattle, WA
The Triple Door - $16/$18
With Special Guest Anthony D'Amato
05.07.2015  |  Portland, OR
With Special Guest Anthony D'Amato
05.08.2015  |  Walla Walla, WA
With Special Guest Anthony D'Amato
05.09.2015  |  Venata, OR
Opening acts Lori LeMaster and Alex Abrams as well as Anthoy D'amato.
05.10.2015  |  Ashland, OR
With Peter Rowan, Dustbowl Revival, Anne & Pete Sibley, Anthony D'Amato, Shook Twins, and many more.
05.12.2015  |  Berkeley, CA
With Special Guest Anthony D'Amato
05.13.2015  |  San Francisco, CA
Private -
05.15.2015  |  Santa Monica, CA
With Special Guest Anthony D'Amato
05.27.2015  |  Boston, MA
A Special Evening with Heather Maloney.
06.11.2015  |  Asheville, NC
The Grey Eagle - $15 / $20
Supporting Delta Rae
06.13.2015  |  Charleston, SC
Music Farm - $16 / $20
Supporting Delta Rae
06.15.2015  |  Birmingham, AL
WorkPlay Theatre - $15 / $18
Supporting Delta Rae
06.16.2015  |  Jackson, MS
Supporting Delta Rae
06.18.2015  |  Houston
Fitzgerald's - $20 / $22
Supporting Delta Rae
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Like a message sent to my man from above. #rosepepper
5:20 PM Apr 30th
?T O N I G H T ?
8:09 PM Apr 21st
3:10 AM Apr 21st
While I've been on the road, Stella's been chillin' with friends.
8:19 PM Apr 16th
? St. Louis tonight! ?
6:06 PM Apr 16th
Huge thanks to John Bommarito at Ann Arbor's 107.1 for having me this morn & playing the new record!! ?
7:51 PM Apr 11th
The second leg of the CD release tour begins today! See you out there ?
11:44 PM Apr 7th
Here's a little acoustic moment from the road. "I Will" by The Beatles. ?: Cori
3:18 AM Mar 27th
? Portland, ME ? band breakfast at Bintliff's ?
7:38 PM Mar 26th
? NYC ? Loved every second of being with you all at http://www.twitter.com/rockwoodmusichall">@rockwoodmusichall last night! ?: Jeff Jacobs
11:11 PM Mar 21st
So fun being on Philly's http://www.twitter.com/wxpn">@wxpn today with http://www.twitter.com/helenleicht">@helenleicht ! Joni Mitchell watched over. ?
9:35 PM Mar 19th
Sia loves the new record apparently. #Sia
6:37 PM Mar 18th
? Ashland, VA ? thank you for the good times last night! ? headed to http://www.twitter.com/thebirchmere">@thebirchmere tonight! ?
8:59 PM Mar 17th
Today is the day! The record that 650 fans funded on http://www.twitter.com/kickstarter">@kickstarter is OUT! Two years & a record deal with http://www.twitter.com/sugarhillrecords">@sugarhillrecords later, it's available on lizlongley.com & http://www.twitter.com/itunes">@itunes (link in profile)!
7:03 PM Mar 16th
Thanks for a sold out show, Charlotte!! And for the weirdest selfie ever. ?? #smurfselfie
5:53 PM Mar 14th
North Carolina has been good to us! Can't wait for http://www.twitter.com/eveningmuse">@eveningmuse tonight in Charlotte! (Thanks for the photo, Stephanie!)
12:16 AM Mar 14th
#Atlanta , you ROCKED my face off last night! Gonna need my face back but THANK YOU for making the first night of the band tour SO memorable! Wow. ??
5:41 PM Mar 11th
It all starts tonight? Hope to see you out there. Bringing the band!! it's going to be a blast!
8:46 PM Mar 10th
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