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Summer Live Shows!

Apr 27 2016
Summer just got a whole lot better with all these new shows added! Cannot wait to be on the road again, testing new songs before the record comes out!
Visit www.lizlongley.com for show dates and tickets!

Portland, ME - Onstage at 8.30pm Tonight!

Feb 27 2016
Portland, ME - I will be onstage at 8.30pm tonight at the Port City Music Hall! Looking forward to seeing you all!
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Headed back to the ATL area on 5/21 at @serenbe ! @robbyhecht opens show & hopefully he’ll join me in harmony! 🌟 Tix: http://ow.ly/4ntPOV
-1 days ago
@miniejm1993 drink Gingerade Kombucha!
7 hours ago
@themookieshow that means a lot. Thanks for listening, Mookie! See you in Ann Arbor!! :)
2 days ago
RT @themookieshow : Hearing the song got me thru really tough times in 2015. Thanks @SXMCoffeeHouse . @lizlongley , see you in Ann Arbor! https://t.co/CvoDzx8dMl
2 days ago
@KashleeKelly yes! Should be Oct 5th-ish ! Probably Rockwood 2
2 days ago
Upcoming Tour Dates
05.13.2016  |  Ann Arbor, MI
Doors 7:30 PM Show 8:00 PM
~ complimentary hors 'oeuvres & beverage bar ~
05.14.2016  |  Spring Lake, MI
7pm: Doors
8pm: Liz Longley
05.21.2016  |  Chattahoochee Hills, GA
Art Farm at Serenbe - $20.00 ($21.69 w/service fee)
Liz Longley under the stars at the Art Farm at Serenbe.
05.28.2016  |  Charleston, SC
Supporting Delta Rae!
Tickets on sale March 25th 10am EST!!
06.04.2016  |  South Burlington
With guest Brian Dunne
06.05.2016  |  Shirley, MA
With Guest Brian Dunne
06.08.2016  |  Old Saybrook, CT
With Guest Brian Dunne
06.09.2016  |  Northampton, MA
With Guest Brian Dunne
06.10.2016  |  Londonderry, NH
Tupelo Music Hall - $25 & $35
With Guest Brian Dunne
06.11.2016  |  Boothbay Harbor, ME
With Guest Brian Dunne
06.12.2016  |  Cambridge, MA
With Guest Brian Dunne
06.28.2016  |  Lancaster, PA
The Chameleon Club - $15 - $20
Supporting Delta Rae!
06.29.2016  |  Wilmington, DE
World Cafe Live at The Queen - $20 / Seated $32
Supporting Delta Rae!
07.01.2016  |  Wilmington, NC
Ziggy's By The Sea - $13 - $18
Supporting Delta Rae!
$13 Advance
$18 Day of Show
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What an amazing night in NYC! Thanks to my loves http://www.twitter.com/deltarae">@deltarae for having me on tour. β˜ͺ πŸ"Έ: http://www.twitter.com/strbuk1">@strbuk1 #nyc #livemusic #bowery #music #concert #deltarae #lizlongley #ontour
2:05 AM May 4th
Last night at the http://www.twitter.com/the_stone_pony">@the_stone_pony with http://www.twitter.com/deltarae">@deltarae was so fun! Thanks for the memories, NJ! &#127775 ; #Repost http://www.twitter.com/imadreamer10">@imadreamer10 &#12539 ;&#12539 ;&#12539 ; http://www.twitter.com/lizlongley">@lizlongley it was an absolute pleasure meeting you at your show last night! You are such a talented and genuine person and a true inspiration to me. Can't wait to see you again in Philly this summer!&#128156 ;&#127926 ;&#128588 ;&#127997 ; #lizlongley #stonepony #livemusic #love #inspiration #amazing #lyrics #dreamer #music
7:25 AM May 2nd
When you can walk to the beach from your show… &#128582 ;&#127996 ; Let's do this, http://www.twitter.com/the_stone_pony">@the_stone_pony !
8:09 AM May 1st
Summer just got a whole lot better with all these shows added! Tickets + times: lizlongley.com. 😎#lizlongleylive #summertour #livemusic #ontour
9:40 AM Apr 27th
Nine years ago I played Philadelphia Folk Fest as a giddy & nervous teenager. I felt lucky then & I feel lucky now cause I'll be returning this summer to play the very special Camper's Only show on Aug 18 with David Dye & http://www.twitter.com/wxpnfm">@wxpnfm ! #pff2016 #phillyfolkfest #wxpn #daviddye
5:48 AM Apr 23rd
Recording in the dark is my favorite. Just did a live recording of "Rescue My Heart" for the new record. #rescuemyheart #makingmusic #makingarecord #sugarhillrecords
3:02 AM Apr 16th
Putting these suckers to work. We're in the final stretch of finishing this record. Cannot wait to share with you!
3:53 AM Apr 14th
Sorry I've been MIA but all day erryday I've been up in this sweet studio. I feel like I'm living in a dream getting to make music here with Bill Reynolds. Tonight I'm coming out of hiding to play an online show on http://www.twitter.com/Concertwindow">@Concertwindow at 8PM ET. I'll test a new one on ya.
4:20 AM Apr 13th
We just booked our summer trip to Ireland. Overjoyed about adventuring with my man & spending time with his sweet family. And also seeing this dreamy castle again. &#9757 ;&#127995 ;&#65039 ;
9:29 AM Mar 31st
Spent the day experimenting with this old-school Casio. This thing is nuts. You sing into it, it records your voice & then you can change the notes and get wild. #bestjobever #makingarecord &#128526 ;
11:16 AM Mar 29th
It's been 1 year since this record came out! Thanks to everyone who has listened, shared & supported my music. Can't wait to show you the new one I've been working on! #sugarhillrecords #music #nashville #nashvillemusic #oceanwaystudios #kickstarterfunded #kickstartersuccess
8:25 AM Mar 18th
When a fan brings you a cake with your dogs' faces on it.... I can't even. &#128525 ;
10:31 AM Mar 13th
"DOUBLE L FROM HELL" necklace &#128514 ; Thank you to the sweet & talented http://www.twitter.com/colorthesky02">@colorthesky02 for making this for me! Feelin' gangsta. &#9996 ;&#127995 ;&#65039 ;#doublelfromhell #girlscoutgangsta #doughfordough
3:20 PM Mar 10th
Experimenting with weird stuff in the studio. 😡
11:56 AM Mar 9th
New Tour Dates: A summer acoustic tour in the Northeast! &#127881 ;The talented http://www.twitter.com/briandunnemusic">@briandunnemusic opens the shows! For tix, times & many more shows, go to www.lizlongley.com 6.4 http://www.twitter.com/highergroundmusic">@highergroundmusic : Burlington, VT 6.5 The Bull Run: Shirley, MA 6.8 #thekate : Old Saybrook, CT 6.9 http://www.twitter.com/parlorroommusic">@parlorroommusic : Northampton, MA 6.10 http://www.twitter.com/tupelomusichall">@tupelomusichall : Londonderry, NH 6.11 #boothbayoperahouse : Boothbay Harbor, ME 6.12 http://www.twitter.com/clubpassim">@clubpassim : Cambridge, MA
9:54 AM Mar 5th
Headed home to see this handsome face after 3 great weeks of touring. Thanks to all who made it wonderful! To http://www.twitter.com/bkmusicthings">@bkmusicthings for rocking the bass & to http://www.twitter.com/burlapandbean">@burlapandbean for making us feel so at home. Huge thanks to http://www.twitter.com/stephen_kellogg">@stephen_kellogg for the joy of opening your shows & hearing your music every night. See you soon &#10084 ;&#65039 ;
4:15 AM Mar 4th
Say hello to my little friend, Willie. Our first family pet. He's gotta be 13 years old now but he's still got that swag. &#128525 ;
3:14 AM Mar 3rd
I donut mess around with Monday. 🍩
3:21 AM Mar 1st
Last night for http://www.twitter.com/stephen_kellogg">@stephen_kellogg 's encore, we embraced our spirit animals. Of course I was the dawg. #tourpranks #livemusic #spiritanimal #dogsofinstagram #rochester #recordarchive
1:00 PM Feb 27th
I was in 4th grade when http://www.twitter.com/jillianjacqueline">@jillianjacqueline played an assembly concert at my school with her band of sisters. Yep, she signed my t-shirt. We soon became friends & I cried in her basement listening to her practice. Here I am crying again... This song is amazing, JJ! Love seeing your star shine. &#11088 ;&#65039 ; Check it out on Spotify, y'all! #newmusic #jillianjacqueline #spotify #spotifymusic #prime #nashville #nashvillemusic
2:58 AM Feb 27th
Stealing SK's look tonight. &#128540 ; Sold out show in Rochester at http://www.twitter.com/recordarchive">@recordarchive ! #stephenkellogg #lizlongley #livemusic #ontheroad
10:42 AM Feb 26th
Super fun singing with http://www.twitter.com/stephen_kellogg">@stephen_kellogg last night. Don't worry, someone from the audience gave us breath mints before we shared a mic. &#128540 ; Thanks http://www.twitter.com/evanstonspace">@evanstonspace for having us & http://www.twitter.com/mahmusic">@mahmusic for the photo! #stephenkellogg #lizlongley #ontheroad #livemusic #chicago
7:21 AM Feb 24th
These people inspire me. They put so much heart into what they do. I'm lucky to share the stage with them for another week, opening for the great http://www.twitter.com/stephen_kellogg">@stephen_kellogg ... Don't miss it! 2.21 Milwaukee, WI 2.22 Evanston, IL 2.23 Indianapolis, IN 2.24 Cleveland, OH 2.25 Rochester, NY 2.26 Burlington, VT 2.27 Portland, ME #livemusic #stephenkellogg #ontheroad &#128248 ;: http://www.twitter.com/colorthesky02">@colorthesky02
3:47 AM Feb 22nd
We've hit every obstacle imaginable out here in Wyoming... High winds, power outages, snow, black ice and overturned tractor trailers. The roads that lead us to the next show are currently closed off but it's okay 'cause http://www.twitter.com/stephen_kellogg">@stephen_kellogg is singing. #ontour #stephenkellogg #livemusic
4:38 AM Feb 20th
6:51 AM Feb 18th
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